About Us

Variant Solutions is an Australian owned and operated company. We established the company due to a personal experience whilst on a coach tour where we encountered a vehicle accident in an area without terrestrial coverage and no way of contacting emergency services. That day ended well, but many don’t. With over 18 years experience in telecommunications including time with three of the largest Australian telecommunications companies, we wanted to offer Lone/Remote Worker Safety Solutions and satellite communications as a viable option for all travelling Australians and adventures, along with a mobile Medical Alert Solutions for Independent Living and Remote Caregiving.

We don’t like to think about it, but you might encounter many different scenarios outside normal mobile services that can quickly turn into a survival situation. Injury, sickness, snake bite, lost, broken down, medical emergency, we can provide quality, tested outdoor products to enhance both your safety and enjoyment, setting your mind at ease.  With a comprehensive range of products and services, Variant Solutions will assist you in understanding what technology is available what is the right fit for your business or personal circumstances and what provides the best value.

For the Lone Worker, we provide a range of satellite and cellular location based technologies that cover nearly every situation, anywhere. We can also provide consultancy services to help you formulate the optimum policy and response protocols.