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Land, sea, no matter the rescueME PLB1 can provide the reassurance that global emergency services can be activated with the press of a button.
Do you or are you travelling around Australia? Do you go or have you even been in a remote location without anyone else around with no mobile phone coverage? If so, you should read on...

Simple as this, you are about an hour into a bush walk on a nice warm day enjoying the wonderful scenery and smell of the Australian bush, you step over a log as you look up to the sky but don't notice the snake you have just stepped on & unfortunately decided to bite you just above the you think you might panic? More than likely yes, but then you remember the PLB you have in the backpack and immediately deploy the antenna, then press the button, it's as simple as that. Find a clear place to sit down and apply a firm bandage (check first aid for snake bite) and wait for emergency services.  

Last update: Sep 19, 2019


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